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Political Organization Takes Down Andrew Breitbart

Political Organization Takes Down Andrew Breitbart, an organization that seeks to strengthen the political voice of African-Americans, successfully petitioned the Huffington Post to get conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart off its homepage.

Published March 25, 2011

You remember Shirley Sherrod, the Department of Agriculture official forced to resign last year after über-conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted a highly edited video that misrepresented an address she made to an NAACP group. Well, Breitbart’s been getting a lot of attention lately from left-leaning groups that are angry over a prime platform spot he was given on the Huffington Post’s front page.

On Wednesday,, an organization that seeks to strengthen the political voice of African-Americans, began circulating a petition asking its supporters to demand that publisher Arianna Huffington reconsider giving such plum real estate to the controversy-stirring blogger. In the petition letter, the group suggested that the Huffington Post’s planned effort to attract African-American audiences could fail as a result of promoting someone considered by many to be a race baiter.

After Breitbart slammed former Obama White House environmental advisor Van Jones as “human toxic” and a “commie punk”—and 43,000 petition signatures later—he’s being moved to a less desirable spot.

 “ applauds the Huffington Post’s decision to no longer give Andrew Breitbart a prominent platform for his so-called ‘journalism’. Breitbart, whose entire career is built upon ‘reporting’ lies and falsehoods disguised as news, should have never been given the opportunity to present himself as a legitimate journalist or opinion-maker,” said James Rucker, the organization’s executive director.



(Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)


Written by Joyce Jones


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