Google Refuses to Share Minority Hiring Data

The Internet giant claims the information is a trade secret.

Posted: 04/20/2011 02:04 PM EDT
Filed Under Google, unemployment

Google allows you to look up government corruption, company scandals and media propaganda, but it you’re searching to find data on Google’s hiring procedures, you’re bound to come up short.

While other companies in Silicon Valley such as Intel, Cisco and eBay have released their hiring data–including the number of minority workers–Google refuses to share this information, claiming that the information is a trade secret, reports the Peninsula Press.

Although Google runs several diversity initiatives, minority leaders such as Len Canty, chairman of the Black Economic Council, and Jorge Correlejo, Chairman of the Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles, believe that blacks, Latinos, women and other minority groups continue to be underrepresented. However, this claim of underrepresentation has not been verified.

Read the full article at The Atlanta Post.



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