New Black Panthers Want to Stick It to the Man

Activists say they’re willing to go to jail for their cause.

Posted: 04/21/2011 09:49 AM EDT

The New Black Panther Party, who made headlines for allegedly intimidating voters outside of a Philadelphia precinct, is holding a National and International Day of Action and Unity on April 23, and is calling for Blacks to boycott non-Black-owned businesses.

The group is holding its rally in front of New York City’s Adam Clayton Powell building and hoping that similar events will take place in 60 cities around the world because “Blacks worldwide are dissatisfied at their current condition,” the group said in a statement. It’s also urging people to gather in solidarity—with or without the necessary permit.

The group said people have to do whatever’s necessary to “relieve oppressive conditions against Blacks in New York and around the planet,” even if that means going to jail.

According to the release, the protest could be like the protests in Egypt that toppled its government. But a list of protest locations on the group’s Web page shows that many are housing projects and other sites in poor neighborhoods.

It begs the question: If the man can’t hear, is he going to care?

(Photo: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

Will you be joining in the New Black Panthers boycott?