Someone Stole Grandma

Someone Stole Grandma

After leaving a grocery store, an Atlanta woman finds out that someone stole her car—with her grandmother’s ashes inside.

Published May 4, 2011

An Atlanta woman is still searching for her car after it, along with her grandmother’s ashes inside, were stolen on April 23. 


"I was going to put them on a mantel until I could decide what to do," Ebony Simpson told the Atlantic Journal-Constitution on Tuesday. "I was going to keep them until I felt ready to let them go," she said.


Simpson stopped at a congested Kroger supermarket in Norcross, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, after just having returned from her grandmother’s memorial service in Tennessee. The journal reports that the theft happened as Simpson briefly stepped away from her shopping cart. Minutes later her keys were missing, and, as she would soon find out, her car was as well.


Reminiscing on her grandmother, the 28-year-old states that the 93-year-old matriarch was like a “second mom.” Although she can get another car, Simpson says that she can never replace her grandmother’s ashes. 


(Photo: Johannes Simon/Getty)



Written by Danielle Wright


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