White Officers Not Charged in Beating of a Black Teenager

Justice Department found insufficient evidence to charge officers in beating of high school student.

Posted: 05/04/2011 06:01 PM EDT
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Jordan Miles

The U.S. Department of Justice announced today that it won’t pursue criminal charges against three white Pittsburgh police officers for the beating of a Black teenager in 2010.

The Department of Justice said that after careful review it found there was insufficient evidence to prove the officers violated the civil rights of Jordan Miles.

It was back in Jan. 12, 2010, when three plainclothes officers stopped Miles on the street and his nightmare began. The officers thought he had a gun under his coat, but it was really a soda bottle.

Miles said he thought he was being robbed or kidnapped because the police shouted "Where's the money?" "Where's the gun?” “Where's the drugs?" He said he started running back to his mother’s house and slipped on the icy sidewalk and before he could get up, he said the men beat him and used a stun gun on him.

Miles said the men didn’t identify themselves as police.

Photos of Miles taken after the beating, show the 18-year-old’s face covered with gory-red bruises, a swollen-shut black eye, and a swollen cheek and lip.  

"I feel that my son was racially profiled," his mother, Terez Miles, told the Associated Press immediately after the attack.  "It's a rough neighborhood; it was after dark. ... They assumed he was up to no good because he's Black. My son, he knows nothing about the streets at all. He's had a very sheltered life, he's very quiet, he doesn't know police officers sit in cars and stalk people like that."

J. Kerrington Lewis, Miles’ attorney states that he’s disappointed and thinks the case should go to trial.

(Photo: AP Photo/Terez Miles, File)