Man in Wheelchair Harmed By Police

Man in Wheelchair Harmed By Police

A handicapped man in Washington D.C. was thrown to the ground by police after “resisting” arrest.

Published May 23, 2011


(Photo: Landov)

Police brutality has risen to another level as D.C. police pulled a wheelchair-bound man out of his chair, threw him to the ground, and lingered over the handicapped man.


The graphic incident was captured by a passer-by when the incident occurred outside of the U-Street Cardozo Metro Station in Washington D.C. In the video, blood is seen gushing from the man’s head as he lay on the ground.


The Metro issued a statement saying that the patron resisted arrest when the officers asked him to leave the area. According to a Metro Spokesperson, the Metro transit police saw the man when on their patrol routine call. He was drinking alcohol.


 The man was taken to the hospital and was arrested for assault on a police officer and drinking in public.


Though the man did commit a crime, thousands have questioned on YouTube whether this much force was necessary, if any at all.

Written by Danielle Wright


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