Activists Demand an Apology for Study That Called Black Women Unattractive has launched a petition drive to get Psychology Today to apologize.

Posted: 05/25/2011 05:14 PM EDT
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Activists Demand an Apology

Non-profit organization is stepping up and asking for an apology from Psychology Today for publishing the article, “Why Are African-American Women Less Physically Attractive than Other Women?" on their Website.


Last week, Satoshi Kanzawa, the author of the article, attempted to use “scientific evidence” to give reasons for why he thought black women were less attractive than women of all other races. The study and article was a top-trending-topic on Twitter and outraged many journalists and activists.


"By allowing this article to be posted without edit, Psychology Today dehumanized Black women and girls everywhere" Rashad Robinson, executive director of, said in a statement. "The fact that this article appeared a week ago and Psychology Today still hasn't issued a formal apology is an outrage.” is the largest African-American online political organization. The message announcing its petition and encouraging citizens to act was sent to its over 750,000 members.

Read my commentary on the article here, and learn more about the petition here.


(Photo: Wendy Yang/Landov)