Anti-Abortion Billboard Seeks the Help of Black Men

California anti-abortion group launches a new campaign that aims to turn the focus toward male responsibility.

Posted: 09/15/2011 04:43 PM EDT
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A California anti-abortion group is taking another stab at ongoing billboard advocacy with a new campaign that aims to turn the focus toward male responsibility. has erected billboards displaying the words: “Fatherhood begins in the womb” and features a Black man kissing the belly of his pregnant partner. Sponsors of the campaign, The Radiance Foundation and the Issues 4 Life Foundation, have been active in attempting to reach the African-American community through provocative billboards, launching a “Black Is Beautiful” campaign earlier this summer. The groups received negative backlash, however, from pro-choice groups who protested to have the “Black Is Beautiful” billboards removed because they found them to be offensive.


“The abortion industry has created a culture of abandonment. Responsibility has become someone else’s concern, and death the solution to ‘unplanned’ pregnancies the natural result of sexual behavior,” Ryan Bomberger, Black pro-life and adoption advocate, told “There’s nothing natural about an industry that generates over $200 million, annually, by killing a child left defenseless by the absence of a father.”


California has the highest number of abortions in the U.S. with the abortion rate for Blacks over three times that of the majority.

(Photo: Courtesy The Radiance Foundation/ Issues 4 Life Foundation)