Morris Brown Employees Remain Dedicated Without Pay

The college's few remaining employees haven't been paid for three months as the school tries to stave off foreclosure. 

Posted: 08/31/2012 02:23 PM EDT
Morris Brown College

As Morris Brown College tries everything it can to prevent foreclosure, many of its staff have vowed to stay in the trenches with the historic institution — even though they haven’t been paid in three months. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution writes

“Some staff members are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in accumulated back pay from an even longer period, and graduates come back to clean the school because nobody is being paid to do it.

Chemistry professor Gloria L. Anderson, for example, is owed $204,585, according to recently filed court documents. Toledo Riley, the director of recruitment and admissions, is owed $171,000. Hector Butts, who chairs the business administration department, is due $163,000. Vice president of student affairs Vivian El-Amin is awaiting $142,000.

“I knew it was a substantial amount of money, but I had not looked at my records,” said Jacqueline Pollard, the vice president of institutional advancement, “So I really don’t know how much I am owed.” The school owes her $205,000.”

Morris Brown is now more than $30 million in debt and has not been accredited in 10 years. The school recently filed for bankruptcy in an effort to stall impending foreclosure proceedings that stem from $13 million in bonds received in 1996.

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