A Change May Be Coming to Florida's Stand Your Ground Law

Florida lawmakers approved Thursday a bill that would cover those who fire a warning shot if they are in danger. 

Posted: 03/21/2014 01:53 PM EDT

The Florida House is moving toward a compromise deal between supporters and critics of the state's Stand Your Ground law. A committee approved Thursday a measure that covers those who display a weapon or fire a warning shot if they feel they are in danger.

The bill was inspired by Marissa Alexander, who was charged with aggravated assault after firing a shot in a domestic violence incident. She was originally sentenced to 20 years in jail. Her new trial will begin on July 28.

On Monday, a Florida legislative committee introduced a proposal that would put other restrictions on Stand Your Ground. Those who initiate a violent confrontation would not find immunity under it. Also neighborhood watch groups would not be able to pursue or confront suspects.

Moreover those who shoot in self-defense are not immune from being hit with civil suits by innocent bystanders who are hit by bullets. 

Controversy surrounding the morality of the law was brought to national attention after the killing of Trayvon Martin by former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in February 2012.

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 (Photos: Florida State Correctional Facility; UPI/HO/LANDOV)

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