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Shocking Story Behind Young Boy Who Lost A Leg To Surprise Case of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Shocking Story Behind Young Boy Who Lost A Leg To Surprise Case of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Dakarai Moore Jr. was a healthy 12 year old.

Published August 21st

Dakarai Moore Jr., a 12-year-old from Detroit, Michigan has had his life turned upside down after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria that forced doctors to amputate his left leg. The bacteria, necrotizing fasciitis is incredibly rare, but the young boy who loved soccer and football will now have to spend the rest of his life using a prosthetic leg.

While both legs were infected, doctors managed to control the disease on the right leg. Doctors still do not know how the young boy contracted the disease.

His parents, Charmaine Norman and Dakarai Moore Sr. watched in horror as their son's condition worsened until their were forced to give doctors permission to operate. "It's just crazy how one day your child is like this then the next, this happens," Charmaine told Fox 2 News.

"That's the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life today," Moore Sr. added. "Sign the papers to get his left leg amputated."

The family has since set up a support site to help the family pay for the young boy's rising medical bills.

The family also hopes to raise awareness about the life-threatening sickness. "We had no understanding about it," his parents said. "If you ask all the questions in the world, and 50 doctors can't tell you anything for more than a week, we need more people to know about this."

Moore Jr. will now have to rebuild, and relearn how to function as a normal boy with only one leg. While it is as disturbing as it is tragic, Moore Jr. is lucky to simply still be alive. 

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Dakarai Moore via facebook)


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