Tragic News: Details Behind the Alabama Public Housing Shooting That Killed One and Injured 5 Innocent People

Tragic News: Details Behind the Alabama Public Housing Shooting That Killed One and Injured 5 Innocent People

Friends and family of 20-year-old Bobby Clayton have already started paying tribute.

Published September 12, 2016

On Sunday evening, a shooting at a Birmingham Public Housing community resulted in the death of  Bobby Clayton, 20, and the injuring of five — all of them innocent bystanders.

The shooting took place at the Gate City public housing community just an hour after residents held a peace rally at the community park. Following the rally, many residents remained outside and socialized until gunfire started. 

As bullets flew through the air, chaos erupted in the community and many residents began to flee. One resident described the incident as the scariest experience she has ever been through. Police believe that as many as 60 shots were fired from multiple guns. 

Xavier Story, 23, recalls running to get his family inside to safety when the shots started. After he made sure that everyone was inside and safe, he came outside and saw Clayton on the ground. 

“As soon as he fell, that was the end of it,” Story said. “He had a pulse, and we were fanning him and telling him, ‘They’re coming, they’re coming.’” 

Emergency medical responders arrived on the scene shortly after to transport Clayton to a local hospital. Clayton either died en route to the hospital or shortly after arriving, officials said. 

Sgt. Bryan Shelton confirmed that none of the other five people injured were in critical condition. Although the specific identities of the injured have not yet been released, Shelton confirmed that at least one was a female. 

Many friends and family members of Clayton have posted memories and tributes to the young victim on Facebook. 

No arrests have been made yet. Officials believe that when the shooting occurred, one person started firing, and then another joined in. Police have logged over 34 pieces of evidence and continue to investigate shell casings and whole bullets left in the street.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Tetra Images/Getty Images)


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