Watch: Family of Terence Crutcher Says He Knew How to Deal With Police and Was Still Killed

Watch: Family of Terence Crutcher Says He Knew How to Deal With Police and Was Still Killed

His twin sister said “that big bad dude mattered.”

Published September 22nd

Since the fatal shooting of unarmed Terence Crutcher, friends and family members have spoken out regarding the tragedy. 

Recently, the Crutcher family sat down with CNN to discuss their feelings after learning Terence had been killed. Terence’s father, Joey, and his twin sister, Tiffany, were extremely vocal about their dismay for this situation.

“My son had his hands up, like I told him how to do it, so they know you don’t have a gun,” said Joey Crutcher.

According to Joey, Terence knew from a young age how to act and respond when dealing with police officers. Like most Black men, Joey knew how important it was for his children to understand that interactions with the police need to be handled with care.

Tiffany also spoke up regarding the injustice that Terence was served.

"This is what we know. We know that there was no gun in the car. We know that he was unarmed. We know he was moving slow. We knew he didn't commit a crime," Tiffany said at a news conference. "We know all of those things, but my brother is dead."

Tiffany has not been hesitant in explaining her true feelings regarding her brother’s death. Moments before Terence was shot, two officers in the helicopter said he is one “big, bad dude.”

"That big, bad dude mattered," said Tiffany to CNN.

This story will continue to unravel as more details about the case are known. Hopefully the Crutcher family is surrounded with support during this difficult time. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: CNN via Youtube)


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