Reporter goes viral after yelling “Thanks A Lot, B***h” At The Debate

Reporter goes viral after yelling “Thanks A Lot, B***h” At The Debate

Now the world knows that Kimberly Halkett is not here to be pushed around.

Published September 27th

Election years always create a media frenzy, but as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage for the first presidential debate on Monday night, the excitement and anxiety amongst members of the media were at a fever pitch.

This fact was proven after the debate when a reporter named Kimberly Halkett was caught getting denied access to an interview with outspoken billionaire Mark Cuban. After a brief pushing match with another female and what appeared to be a group of security guardsmen, Halkett turned to the other woman and  placed blame, saying, "Thanks a lot, b***h."

While many who have come across the video have found it hilarious, some saw it as another unfortunate example of how far politics and the media that covers it has fallen.

See the exchange for yourself below:

Many took to Twitter to join in on the joke.

Others felt it was far from anything to celebrate.

However you feel about the video it's hard to blame Halkett completely, after watching the debate unfold we're sure a lot of Americans were about ready to snap.

Check out the debate highlights with the BET Video above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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