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Look: Here's Why These UND Students Won't be Punished For Their Disgusting Black Face Snapchats

Look: Here's Why These UND Students Won't be Punished For Their Disgusting Black Face Snapchats

Many are appalled by the school's response.

Published October 8th

Last month, students at the University of North Dakota took a photo while wearing black charcoal facial masks, as seen above.

Their social media posting was one of two images that went viral due to the students' captions, which mocked the #BlackLivesMatter movement and in turn put pressure on the school to investigate the racially charged incidents.

The disgusting post unfortunately has recently been ruled by school officials that none of the students involved will be punished for their actions, because doing so would inhibit their "free speech."

University officials reportedly reviewed the situation and decided that the posts were not grounds for punishment, citing that their decision was "driven by the Constitutional protection of free speech."

"After a full review of the information, the University has concluded that neither incident constitutes a violation of the UND Code of Student Life,' the school's officials said in a statement.

The president of UND, Mark Kennedy, had previously stated that he was "appalled" by the SnapChats and that he "was aware students and other members of the community were hurt by the incidents."

"As part of the conversation with student leaders, we talked about the concept of zero tolerance. While I appreciate the desire for such a policy, it is unachievable under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution," Kennedy added.

As the UND president previously said himself following these disgusting incidents, there is much work to be done on educating students on issues related to diversity, inclusion and respect for others. 

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: @snapchat)


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