Bill O'Reilly Slammed for Racist and Sexist Comment Crudely Comparing Rep. Maxine Waters's Hair to a 'James Brown Wig'

Bill O'Reilly Slammed for Racist and Sexist Comment Crudely Comparing Rep. Maxine Waters's Hair to a 'James Brown Wig'

The Fox News host has since offered an apology.

Published March 28th

Update March 29:

Bill O'Reilly has offered an apology for his statement.

"As I have said many times, I respect Congresswoman Maxine Waters for being sincere in her beliefs. I said that again today on Fox & Friends, calling her 'old school.' Unfortunately, I also made a jest about her hair which was dumb. I apologize," said O'Reilly in statement sent to BET. 


  1. While sitting down with his colleagues of 'Fox & Friends,' Bill O'Reilly mocked the hair of Representative Maxine Waters by calling it a 'James Brown Wig'

    During the segment, a clip of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) speaking on the opposition of Donald Trump and his alleged ties to Russia was played. Bill O'Reilly was supposed to give his opinion on Waters's assertions. However, he instead chose to say something racist. 

    "I didn't hear a word she said, I was looking at the James Brown wig," O'Reilly said to a couch of hosts who immediately let out a chuckle, because racism is hilarious. 

  2. O'Reilly and Fox News was immediately called out for the racist and sexist comment
  3. In the Past, other Fox News hosts made derogatory comments about Waters, including one host who suggested she was on drugs

    When the host told Waters to "step away from the crack pipe," not one other commentator stepped in to quiet his offensive remarks. Instead, they acted as they did when O'Reilly made his hair comment. They laughed. 

  4. The blatant racism exhibited by O'Reilly and Fox News has caused many people to question if this is just routine practice for the network
  5. Hey, O'Reilly, when Solange made the song 'Don't Touch My Hair,' she was speaking to the ignorance and bigotry popularized by people like you
  6. Besides, Waters is too tough of a woman to let an ignorant remark veer her off course of exposing this administration

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Hollywood Reporter, Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)


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