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Bring That Week Back: Father Rapes Daugh
Father sought pure bloodline, U.S. to remove "Negro" from Census. KKK and Blackface costumes, tou...
Honoring the Legacy Dr. Dorothy Height takes a look back at the contributions of civil rights icon Dr. Dorothy Height.
BET Takes On Detroit: The City by the Nu
With a storied past and a host of challenges standing in the way of its future, Detroit is undoub...
The Art of Black History
See how artists have interpreted African-American culture over the years.
Leading Women Defined: Diahann Carroll
BET’s 2013 Leading Women Defined Conference honors legendary African-American actress of both sta...
The Week in Polls: Climate Change Divide
Climate change weighs on the minds of voters, bargain hunting becomes sport for many shoppers, pl...
Take Our Black History Tour
A look at historic African-American sites you can visit all year long.
Bring That Week Back: Mississippi Ratifi
A pro-Dorner rally, a gun bill named after Pendleton, Jesse Jackson Jr.'s fate, and other news he...
Detroit: An Economy with Deep Challenges
Detroit has been devastated by high unemployment and an eroding tax base, but it also has seen so...
The Week in Polls: Saving Where It Count
Many Americans struggle to make ends meet, President Obama gets kudos for State of the Union addr...
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