Preparing for a Hurricane

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  • Be Prepared for Hurricane Sandy
  • Create an evacuation plan
  • Know Where to Seek Help
  • Test disaster supplies.
  • Have Cash in Hand
  • Charge Your Gadgets
  • Gather Essential Documents
  • Buy Bottled Water
  • Hit the Grocery Store
  • Collect Medical Supplies

Be Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is upon us. At the time of this writing, forecasters say Sandy is about 310 miles southeast of New York City, and the center of the storm is expected to be near the mid-Atlantic coast on Monday night, writes the Associated Press. In case you haven't already, here are some tips from the AP to prepare for the Frankenstorm.

Bring inside any flower pots, garden furniture, trash cans or other items that can get picked up by heavy winds and tossed around. Anchor or remove gas grills and turn off propane tanks. Close shutters or consider boarding up windows with plywood. Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts.

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