2012: The Year in Blackface

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  • Israeli military spokesman Lt. Sacha Dratwa dons blackface on Facebook
  • Tyler Bozak in Blackface
  • Duke lacrosse, Blackface, The Little Rascals
  • Blackface, University of Florida
  • Jessica Heid and Rachel Cooper in Blackface
  • 2012: The Year in Blackface
  • Bill Crystal dons blackface at 2012 Academy Awards
  • BYU Student Goes Blackface for Black History Month
  • Cake decorated in lackfacbe for female genital mutilation event
  • Second graded Sean King in blackface
  • Die Antwoord in Blackface
  • Chris Brown and Rihanna's Domestic Violence Incident Revisited

Killing Time and Causing Controversy

While waiting for their brown-colored facial masks to dry, Minnesota residents Jessica Heid and Rachel Cooper decided it was a good time to revisit a number of offensive African-American stereotypes in November. "We true Negroes" and "we come from the black hood" were just some of the comments made in a video they posted on YouTube that was taken down by the website for violating its policy on hate speech.

(Photo: Courtesy of LRJTV News)

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