How Michigan's "Right-to-Work" Laws Could Hurt Black Workers

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  • Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws
  • What Is a "Right-to-Work" State?
  • Michigan Gov. Mark Snyder Signs "Right-to-Work" Bills into Law
  • Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws
  • Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws
  • Impact of Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws on African-Americans
  • Employment picture in Michigan
  • Michigan Right-to-Work Laws
  • The Future of Labor Unions in Michigan

New Laws Passed

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law two pieces of "right-to-work" legislation, one regarding private sector workers and the other for public employees. In both cases, the state prohibits requiring non-union employees to pay unions for services such as negotiating contracts and representing them in workplace grievances. (Photo:  Leon Halip/Getty Images)

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