How Michigan's "Right-to-Work" Laws Could Hurt Black Workers

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  • Michigan Gov. Mark Snyder Signs "Right-to-Work" Bills into Law
  • Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws
  • Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws
  • Impact of Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws on African-Americans
  • Employment picture in Michigan
  • Michigan Right-to-Work Laws
  • The Future of Labor Unions in Michigan
  • Michigan "Right-to-Work" Laws
  • What Is a "Right-to-Work" State?

An Act of War?

"Supporters say the law gives workers freedom of association and promotes job creation, while critics insist the real intent is to drain unions of funds needed to bargain effectively," writes the Associated Press. State Senate Democratic leader Gretchen Whitmer called the bills "an act of war on Michigan's middle class." (Photo: AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

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