Detroit: An Economy With Deep Challenge and Signs of Promise

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  • Detroit: An Economy with Deep Challenge and Signs of Promise
  • An Auto Headquarters and Economic Symbol
  • Michigan Bell Building: A New Use for an Old Skyscraper
  • Roosevelt Park and Old Train Station
  • Downtown Detroit: Scene of Development
  • An Economy That Even Affects Churches
  • The Heidelberg Project: An Unusual Artists’ Colony
  • A Skating Rink Tied to Revitalization
  • A City of Old, Charming Homes
  • Wholesale Urban Blight: Abandoned Blocks
  • A Historic Residential Enclave
  • A Premier Art Institute in Downtown Detroit
  • A Headquarters of a Businessman Committed to Revitalization
  • A Bakery Opens in Midtown Detroit
  • Midtown Detroit Is Scene of New Galleries

Detroit: An Economy With Deep Challenge and Signs of Promise

For decades, Detroit’s economy has been ravaged by a declining population and tax base, high unemployment and neighborhoods with abandoned buildings. At the same time, there have been some impressive development projects with refurbished office buildings and new residential and business openings. Take a look at some of these historic buildings and areas.  Jonathan P. Hicks

(Photo: John Collins/Chasephotog)

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