Detroit: An Economy With Deep Challenges and Signs of Promise

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  • An Economy That Even Affects Churches
  • The Heidelberg Project: An Unusual Artists’ Colony
  • A Skating Rink Tied to Revitalization
  • A City of Old, Charming Homes
  • Wholesale Urban Blight: Abandoned Blocks
  • A Historic Residential Enclave
  • A Premier Art Institute in Downtown Detroit
  • A Headquarters of a Businessman Committed to Revitalization
  • A Bakery Opens in Midtown Detroit
  • Midtown Detroit Is Scene of New Galleries
  • Detroit: An Economy with Deep Challenge and Signs of Promise
  • An Auto Headquarters and Economic Symbol
  • Michigan Bell Building: A New Use for an Old Skyscraper
  • Roosevelt Park and Old Train Station
  • Downtown Detroit: Scene of Development

A Skating Rink Tied to Revitalization

Campus Martius Park is a refurbished area that anchors a two-square block district that is the commercial center and heart of downtown Detroit. It includes two stages, sculptures, public spaces and an ice skating rink.


(Photo: John Collins/Chasephotog)


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