Timeline: Manhunt in California

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  • FBI Searches Dorner’s Las Vegas Home
  • Dorner Sightings Hoaxes
  • Authorities Search Dorner’s Mother’s Home
  • Police Reopen Firing Case; Dorner Captured on Video
  • Police Offer $1 Million Reward for Dorner
  • Christopher Dorner
  • Police Believe Dorner Burned in Cabin Fire
  • Christopher Dorner is Fired From LAPD
  • Daughter of Police Captain and Her Fiancé are Killed
  •  Dorner’s Manifesto
  • Dorner Leaves Trail at San Diego Naval Base
  • Attempts to Flee to Mexico
  • Three Police Officers Shot, One Dies
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Search for Dorner Expands to Nevada
  • Dorner’s Burnt Pick Up Truck Found
  • Search for Dorner in Big Bear Intensifies

Police Reopen Firing Case; Dorner Captured on Video

The LAPD announced it would reopen the investigation into Dorner's firing, which is what prompted his attacks, according to a manifesto. Irvine police released a photo of Dorner captured on an Orange County hotel surveillance video on Jan. 28.

(Photo: AP Photo/Irvine Police Department)

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