More Tips to Keep Your Information Safe From Internet Hackers

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  • Secure and Change Your Passwords
  • Using Shared Computers
  • Trick Hackers by Using Fake Personal Data
  • That Free Wi-Fi May Cost You
  • Not Everything Is Meant to Be Shared
  • Get Your Head Out of the Cloud
  • Back It Up
  • Beware of Java Software
  • President Obama, National Cyber Security Awareness Month
  • Security Breach
  • Internet scams, hackers
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  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Anti-Spyware
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Using Shared Computers

When you use a public or shared computer, you are especially vulnerable to hackers. However, many sites such as Google are offering two-step verification processes that require more than just a password to log in. With the service, you have to remember your password and a special keyword is sent to you via text message.  (Photo: Fuse/Getty Images)

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