Black Movements: Where Are They Now

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  • Black Power Movement
  • The Black Power Movement
  • The Black Arts Movement
  • The Black Arts Movement
  • Nation of Gods and Earths
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  • March on Washington
  • Black Panther Party
  • The Black Panther Party
  • Malcolm X
  • Nation of Islam Farrakhan
  • SNCC
  • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee
  • Marcus Garvey
  • Universal Negro Improvement Association
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • Civil Rights Movement

The Black Arts Movement: Then

The Black Arts Movement was the artistic "branch" of the Black Power Movement and sparked a renaissance of Black creativity that inspired Black people to publishing houses, magazines, journals and art institutions. The movement also influenced the creation of African-American studies departments at U.S. universities.  (Photo:  Tim Boxer/Getty Images)

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