State of Black America: Have We Overcome?

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  • Where We Are
  • What Is an Equality Index?
  • The More Things Change
  • The More They Stay the Same
  • Economics: 71.7 percent
  • Health: 56.3 percent
  • Education: 79.7 percent
  • Social Justice: 57.1 Percent
  • Civic Engagement: 99.9 Percent
  • Where the Jobs Are and Aren't
  • Blacks in the Cities
  • Unfinished Business
  • In With the New
  • Developing Talent
  • Race Still Matters
  • The New Math

National Urban League: Where We Are

Every year, the National Urban League issues a State of Black America report that gauges the progress of African-Americans in critical areas, such as education, employment and economics, as well as an equality index of the status of Blacks and whites in those areas. In the 2013 edition, released on April 10, the NUL also looked forward by taking a look back at how far African-Americans have come since 1963.
– By Joyce Jones

(Photo: Courtesy of The National Urban League) 

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