Wealth Wednesday: Tips for Avoiding an IRS Audit

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  • Double Check Those Home Office Expenses
  • Double-Check Oversize Deductions
  • Report All Income Accurately
  • Stay On the Up-and-Up
  • Check and Re-Check
  • Six Tips
  • Tap Into Free Tax Prep Help
  • Use Tax Software

Stay On the Up-and-Up

One of the best ways to avoid an IRS audit is by filing truthful tax returns. The IRS uses a system of checks and balances to verify all returns and can pick up fairly quickly on any discrepancies. In the case of an error or even an audit, the taxpayer who has reported truthful information and who has the records and receipts to back up that data will be the one who comes through the audit unscathed.  (Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

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