Money Monday: Your 10-Step Plan for Buying a Home

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  • Find a Reputable Realtor
  • Review the Selection
  • Order a Home Inspection
  • See Things Through to the End
  • Take Your Seat at the Closing Table
  • Step One
  • Set Yourself Up for Success
  • Figure Out What You Can Afford
  • Make Wise Financial Choices
  • Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage
  • Explore Homebuyer Programs

Take Your Seat at the Closing Table

When that magical day finally arrives, be sure to bring everything that your realtor and/or closing agent (usually an attorney or title company) need to seal the deal. In most cases that means yourself, any remaining funds due and a driver’s license. It also entails a final “walk through” to ensure that the home is in the same condition that it was in when you first saw it (this typically takes place right before your closing appointment). Finally, make sure you “get to the church on time” and realize that in many states the transaction will have to be filed with the clerk of courts or other department before you can get the keys to your new home.

This content has been prepared for informational purposes only. The accuracy and completeness of this information is not guaranteed and is subject to change. Since each individual’s financial situation is unique, you need to review your financial objectives to determine which approaches might work best for you.

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