Stop and Frisk Myths Debunked

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  • Debunking NYPD's Controversial Tactic
  • Myth #1: All Cops Have a Reason to Stop and Frisk You
  • Myth #2: Stop-and-Frisk Reduces Crime
  • Myth #3: Stop-and-Frisks Lead to Arrests
  • Myth #4: Minorities Are Only Targeted for Stops Because of Race
  • Myth #5: Stop-and-Frisk Makes Citizens Feel Safer
  • Myth #6: NYPD Supervisors Say They Don’t Set Arrest Quotas

Myth #2: Stop-and-Frisk Reduces Crime

The Truth: Only 20 percent of studies found an increase in community policing presence resulted in crime reductions; 50 percent of studies found no effect on crime, and the remaining 30 percent observed an increase in crime. (Photo: AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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