10 Facts on African-Americans and Student Loan Debt

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  • One Out of Five Owe Student Debt
  • Debt Rises as More Black Students Enroll in College
  • Black Bachelors Degree Holders Have High Debt
  • Income for Black Students Does Not Change Disparities
  • Average Student Loan for Blacks: $30,000
  • Household Run By 35 and Under Have Most Debt
  • Shared Debt is Increasing
  • Student Debt Is a Quarter of Income for Those Earning Least
  • Ability to Pay Off Student Debt Has Decreased
  • Lots of Black Undergrads With Debt

One Out of Five Owe Student Debt

Federal Stafford student loans doubled on July 1, 2013, from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent, after Congress failed to extend a 2007 law that previously cut rates. African-American students and bachelor degree holders have acquired student debt at higher rates than other race groups. Read more about how African-Americans are being affected by this ball and chain on economic prosperity. Facts are compiled from Pew Research Center and College Board. – Natelege Whaley 

Nineteen percent of the nation’s households owed student debt in 2010. This is a significant rise from the 15 percent that owed in 2007, according to a Pew Research Center. (Photo: GettyImages) 

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