10 Signs You're Addicted to Your Cellphone

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  • 10 Signs You're Addicted to Your Cellphone
  • Leaving it at Home
  • You Can’t Sleep Without It
  • You Use Work as an Excuse
  • You Text a Lot
  • Airplane Mode
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  • No Notifications Bring You Down
  • You Check Apps Over and Over
  • Leaving Your Phone to Be Repaired Is Hard

Panic When You Can’t Find It

Cellphones have come a long way from their larger prototypes. Thousands of apps keep us plugged in around the clock and assist in making our lives easier to manage. But some of the 93 percent of African-American adults that have a cell phone may be too dependent on it. Take a look at 10 signs you’re addicted to your cell phone.  —Natelege Whaley

When you can’t find your cell phone, you start to panic and can’t focus on anything else until you find it. 

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