20 Iconic Milestones in the Fight for Civil Rights

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  • Woolworth Lunch Counter
  • The March on Washington
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Selma-to-Montgomery March
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965
  • Million Man March
  • James Byrd Jr.
  • President Obama
  • Trayvon Martin
  • March on Washington
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Emancipation Proclamation
  • Dred Scott Decision
  • Jackie Robinson Breaks Racial Barriers in Baseball
  • Integration of the U.S. Military
  • Brown v. Board of Education
  • Emmett Till
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
  • “Little Rock Nine”

Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Civil Rights Act, introduced by President John F. Kennedy, legally ended discrimination in schools, public places and offices, in 1964. Sadly, Kennedy's assassination in 1963 would prevent him from seeing the measure come to fruition. It was signed into law on July 2, 1964, by President Lyndon Johnson. (Photo: Courtesy Library of Congress)

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