11 Black Child Prodigies You Should Know

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  • Black Kids With Exceptional Talent
  • Jaylen Bledsoe
  • Carson Huey-You
  • Adam Kirby
  • Mabou Loiseau
  • Stephen R. Strafford II
  • Rochelle Ballantyne
  • Ginger Howard
  • Polite Stewart Jr.
  • Justus Williams
  • Anala Beevers
  • The Imafidons

Black Kids With Exceptional Talent

Child prodigies are children who possess unusual talents showing great mastery of a certain subject, art or skill. They are rare, but when children excel in the areas of science, math, language and sports the world usually takes note. Jaylen Bledsoe, 15, is the latest child prodigy taking the Internet by storm as his web design and IT company is worth $3.5 millon in just two years. However, Bledsoe is not the only Black whiz kid to stand-out in society for his unique talent. BET.com takes a look at Black child prodigies and kid geniuses. — Dominique Zonyéé

(Photo: Nancy Louie/Getty Images)

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