How a Cut to Food Stamps Disproportionately Affects Black America

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  • Decrease to Come in November
  • Drug Tests for Food Stamps?
  • A Divided House
  • A Divided Nation
  • What Do You Think Reduced SNAP Benefits Could Mean for African-Americans?
  • What the New Bill Means for Black America
  • Who Is in SNAP?
  • How Much Money Will the New Bill Cut From SNAP Benefits?
  • Will Eligibility Change?
  • What Percentage of the African-American Population Receives Food Stamps?
  • A Racial Breakdown of Food Stamp Recipients

A Divided Nation

Studies show that African-Americans and Latinos receive food stamps at higher rates than other races. Latinos and Blacks also make up a majority of the nation’s poverty rate with 7.2 percent and 25.6 percent, respectively, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report.  

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