How Blacks Are Influencing Media, Marketing and Advertising

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  • Black Youth Are Advertisers’ and Marketers’ Dream
  • Black Women Earners
  • Black Employment Rates Equals More Spending
  • Where Are African-Americans Shopping Most?
  • What Do African-Americans Buy?
  • Brand Loyalty
  • How Much Are Thry Spending?
  • TV Takeover
  • Dominating the Digital World
  • How Are Marketers Appealing to Blacks?
  • African-Americans Are Top Consumers

Black Employment Rates Equals More Spending

Of the 31 million African-Americans who are 16 years and older, 63 percent are in the work force, and women represent 52 percent of employed Blacks, while Black males account for 48 percent. Despite these numbers, the Black unemployment rate remains one of the highest at 13 percent.

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