16 Things That Costs Less Than the Government Shutdown

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  • Free Breast Cancer Screenings for 141,176,470 Women and Men
  • Nearly 5,000 Engagement Rings Like Beyoncé’s
  • 11 More Days of Social Security
  • The GDP for Zimbabwe, Somalia and Fiji
  • 1,078,119 Children Could Go to College for Free in Their Home State
  • 9,600 People Could Have Woke Up in a New Bugatti
  • 87,944 New Homes for "Average" Americans
  • 90,000 Hermès Crocodile Birkin Bags
  • Pay the $20 Billion Tab for Hurricane Sandy Damage
  • Buy 7.1 Billion Gallons of Gas for Americans
  • 62,176,165 of the Entire 20-Piece Fall RiRi MAC Collection
  • Money Well Spent?
  • 6,315 Super Bowl Ads
  • 9,619,238 Kanye West Diamond Grills
  • The American Red Cross' Total Annual Operating Expenses for Seven Years
  • Free School Lunch for 8.3 Billion Children
  • 100 People for Five Years Aboard Diddy’s iPad Controlled Yacht

11 More Days of Social Security

How many times have we heard that ‘80s and '90s babies' Social Security will be depleted by the time they are set to receive it? The U.S. spent $773 billion on Social Security in the fiscal year 2012, and without the shutdown it could have afford to pay for a couple of more days.

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