Getting Schooled: African-Americans and Education

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  • The Obama Education Initiative
  • The Consensus
  • How Are Blacks Faring in High School?
  • High School Graduation Rate for Black Males
  • Black Males: From High School to Higher Education
  • College Graduation Rates in Black and White
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  • Males vs. Females: College Graduation Rates
  • What Does This Mean for Historically Black Colleges and Universities?
  • How Much Does College Cost?
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  • Factors for Low College Enrollment Rates
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  • Michelle Obama’s Education Initiative

The Consensus

Educational statistics have always been disproportionate for African-Americans in comparison to whites. Traditionally, African-Americans have a higher dropout rate, with fewer students graduating (on all education levels). A review of 2012 Census data indicates that 31 percent of African-Americans are in school, compared with 23 percent of whites.

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