Getting Schooled: African-Americans and Education

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  • How Much Does College Cost?
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  • Factors for Low College Enrollment Rates
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  • Michelle Obama’s Education Initiative
  • The Obama Education Initiative
  • The Consensus
  • How Are Blacks Faring in High School?
  • High School Graduation Rate for Black Males
  • Black Males: From High School to Higher Education
  • College Graduation Rates in Black and White
  • 080113 national college classroom students racial equality
  • Males vs. Females: College Graduation Rates
  • What Does This Mean for Historically Black Colleges and Universities?

Factors for Low College Enrollment Rates

College tuition rates continue to increase while African-American household income remains stagnant. The unemployment rate for Black men 20 and over was at 13.7 percent (10.5 percent for Black women) in September, compared to 5.7 percent for white males in the same age group.

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