Racist Tweets That Will Blow Your Mind

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  • Racism on Twitter
  • Delta Airlines Tweets Giraffe to Represent Ghana
  • Chelsea Handler Uses 12 Years A Slave to Promote Film
  • Public Relations Rep Needs Damage Control
  • A Thin Line Between Offensive and Comedic
  • Home Depot’s Monkey Mishap
  • Business Insider CTO Fired for Sexist, Racists Tweets
  • Miss America Nina Davuluri Is Center of Racial Attacks
  • Floyd Mayweather Comments on Jeremy Lin
  • John McCain Is Not Politically Correct
  • Ricky Rubio’s Mexican Jokes Not Taken Lightly
  • Rihanna Is Sweeter Than a “Rice Cake”
  • Voula Papachristou Banned From Olympics
  • A South African Model’s Racist Rants
  • Alec Baldwin’s N-Word Tweet
  • Gilbert Godfrey Offends Japanese and Jewish People
  • Chelsea Handler Gets #Tasteless With Nick Cannon

Racism on Twitter

With social media at everyone’s fingertips, it’s clear folks have something to say. But a lot of comments lately have been offensive. From racist Halloween costumes to racist tweets, individuals and even major companies like Delta Airlines have recently been slammed for racially charged social media posts. BET.com takes a look at people who have come under fire for racist tweets.Dominique Zonyéé (@DominiqueZonyee)

(Photo: Jeffery Coolidge/Getty Images)

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