Shopping While Black: Is It a Crime?

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  • Shopping While Black: Is It a Crime?
  • Macy’s No Show at City Council Hearing
  • Barneys Cancels Party Launching Jay Z Line
  • Rob Brown Speaks on Lawsuit Against Macy’s and NYPD
  • Teen Sues Barneys After Buying $300 Belt
  • Another Young Adult Says Barneys Profiled Her
  • Al Sharpton Meets With Barneys CEO
  • Jay Z Brought Into Barneys Controversy
  • 103013 music kanye west performs
  • Actor Rob Brown Sues Macys for Wrongful Arrest
  • Art Palmer Targeted Near Macy’s
  • Al Sharpton to Meet With Macy's CEO
  • Even the President Has Been Profiled
  • Oprah Can’t Afford a $38K Bag?
  • Forest Whitaker Accused of Stealing from Deli

Macy’s and Barneys No Show at City Council Hearing

Neither Barneys nor Macy’s sent representatives to a New York City Council meeting Wednesday that aimed to tackle the issue of racial profiling allegations against the retailers. Both companies have denied any wrongdoing and have blamed to the NYPD. In light of recent incidents, the city has given 17 major retail stores until Friday to submit information on how they handle shoppers who they suspect of stealing. (Photo: Macy's)

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