George Zimmerman and the Trial of the Year

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  • A Witness for Trayvon Stands Her Ground
  • The Defense Rests
  • The Verdict Comes
  • Views on the Verdict Differ by Race
  • A Juror Speaks Out
  • Zimmerman’s Repeated Problems With the Law
  • A President Speaks Candidly About Trayvon
  • After the Verdict, Rallies
  • A Mother’s Continued Advocacy
  • A Trial That Drew Throngs of Media
  • The Zimmerman Trial: A Legal Event that Attracted International Attention
  • Zimmerman’s Request for a Delay Is Denied
  • No Stand Your Ground for Zimmerman
  • More Than a Year After Trayvon’s Death, the Trial Begins
  • All Female Jury Chosen for Zimmerman Trial

The Verdict Comes

The jury of six women found George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin on July 13, ending a trial that drew deep emotion. Hundreds of people stood outside the courthouse when the verdict was announced and protests followed in a number of cities around the country afterward. (Photo: AP Photo/TV Pool)

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