George Zimmerman and the Trial of the Year

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  • Views on the Verdict Differ by Race
  • A Juror Speaks Out
  • Zimmerman’s Repeated Problems With the Law
  • A President Speaks Candidly About Trayvon
  • After the Verdict, Rallies
  • A Mother’s Continued Advocacy
  • A Trial That Drew Throngs of Media
  • The Zimmerman Trial: A Legal Event that Attracted International Attention
  • Zimmerman’s Request for a Delay Is Denied
  • No Stand Your Ground for Zimmerman
  • More Than a Year After Trayvon’s Death, the Trial Begins
  • All Female Jury Chosen for Zimmerman Trial
  • A Witness for Trayvon Stands Her Ground
  • The Defense Rests
  • The Verdict Comes

Zimmerman’s Repeated Problems With the Law

After being acquitted, George Zimmerman went on to have issues with law enforcement officials including a 911 call from his estranged wife saying she was afraid because he was carrying gun during an argument they were having. The most dramatic incident came on Nov. 17 when he was arrested in a domestic dispute when he was charged with pointing a loaded rifle at his girlfriend. (Photo: Joe Burbank/AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Pool)

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