How American Students Affected the Anti-Apartheid Movement

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  • Fisk and Tennessee State Organizes Rally
  • Harvard Students Build Shantytown on Campus
  • UNC Chapel Hill Students Push for Full Divestment
  • Penn State Organizers Demand Ties Cut from South Africa
  • Tuskegee Student Compares Racism in U.S. and South Africa
  • Mandela’s Impact on American Student Anti-Apartheid Movement
  • 120613 national mandela anti apartheid student movements occidental
  • Michigan State University
  • Spelman Gives South Africans a Voice
  • Howard, Georgetown Formed DC SCAR
  • UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley “Day of Action”
  • Morehouse Anti-Apartheid Rally Brings Out Civil Rights Leaders
  • Columbia Students Block Off Building for Weeks

Penn State Organizers Demand Ties Cut from South Africa

On March 27, 1987, 300 Penn State University student organizers called for the resignation of the university president from the Carnegie Mellon Bank board, because of the bank’s ties to South Africa. Besides demanding the university’s full divestment from South Africa, the group was able to convince local businesses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to close their accounts with Mellon.

(Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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