Inside the Target Security Breach

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  • How Do Credit and Debit Cards Work?
  • What Type of Information Is Stored on a Credit or Debit Card?
  • Is the Magnetic Strip Easy for Hackers to Decode?
  • Is Credit Card Security an Issue?
  • What Is Target Doing About the Security Breach?
  • Chase Enforces Limit for Card Holders
  • Card Companies Monitor for Fraud
  • Breach Prompts Federal Investigation
  • Secret Service Vows to Get to the Bottom of it
  • Target Shoppers File Suit
  • Is The U.S. an Easy Target?
  • What Do I Do If My Card Was Hacked?
  • The Future of American Credit and Bank Cards
  • The Largest Security Breach in the Nation
  • Target
  • What Went Wrong?

Is the Magnetic Strip Easy for Hackers to Decode?

Most countries such as China, the U.K., and Canada use chip and PIN technology, which is harder for hackers to decode. As oppose to swiping, you put the card into a terminal then enter a PIN or sign your name. 

(Photo: Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT /Landov)

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