Most Racist Moments of 2013

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  • A Look at Racism in 2013
  • Racist Facebook Posts Target Italian Government Minister
  • Family Feud
  • Richie Incognito Calls Jonathan Martin N-Word
  • Former Eagles Baller Riley Cooper Threatens to “Fight Every N-----”
  • Home Depot’s Tacky Monkey Face Tweet
  • Barney’s Accused of Targeting Black Shoppers
  • Oprah Winfrey Denied Expensive Handbag
  • Actress Julianne Hough Is a Disgrace in Black Face
  • 'Atlanta-Journal Constitution' Racist Tweet
  • Ted Nugent Wants Blacks Profiled Like “Dogs”
  • Paula Deen Kicked Out of the Kitchen
  • Miss America Win Ignites Racial Slurs
  • Miami Police and Mayor Sued for Harassing Black Suburb
  • Massachusetts' Teen’s Home Spray Painted With Racial Slurs
  • Cartoonist Draws President Obama With Ape-Like Features
  • Mexican-American Boy’s National Anthem Sparks Racist Comments
  • Ayo Kimathi
  • Craig Cobb
  • Sarah Palin – Almost Anything That Comes Out of Her Mouth
  • Dov Hikind in Blackface

Racist Facebook Posts Target Italian Government Minister

Italian winemaker Fulvio Bressan sparked international outrage on Aug. 22 when he posted a series of racially charged posts directed at Cecile Kyenge,  Italy's first-ever Black government minister. Bressan’s post calling Kyenge a “black monkey" and “gold digger” prompted wine connoisseurs to boycott his wine. Jacob Kennedy, a British restaurateur went so far as to smash his stock of Bressan wine on the sidewalk.

(Photo: Bressan Wines)

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