Underage Drinking by the Numbers

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  • Teenage Drinking: A Public Health Issue
  • An Overview
  • The Difference Between a Drink and Binge Drinking
  • The Dangers of Binge Drinking
  • At What Age Do Most Teens Start Experimenting With Alcohol?
  • Why Are Teens Drinking?
  • Drinking Before The Age Limit Could Lead To…
  • Alcohol and the Adolescent Brain
  • How Are Teens Getting Access to Alcohol?
  • Once They Drink, How Many Teens Are Getting Behind the Wheel?
  • The Annual Death Toll as a Result of Underage Drinking
  • The Consequences Outweigh Underage Drinking
  • What Can Parents Do to Help Stop Underage Drinking?
  • Underage Drink Diversion Programs

An Overview

Although underage drinking among teens is down 54 percent, teenage drinking and driving is still a major issue in most states. By age 15, more than 50 percent of teens have had at least one drink and by the age of 18, 70 percent of teens have had a drink. Overall, teen alcohol use kills about 4,700 people each year, more than all illegal drugs combined.

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