Young African-Americans Who Gained a Brief Spotlight in 2013

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  • Leading a Protest Against School Closures in Chicago
  • UCLA Student Gains Fame after a Video Critical of School’s Diversity Record
  • Victim of Stop and Frisk Became a Star Witness
  • The Youngest Speaker at the March on Washington Commemoration
  • Dissident Detroit Official Makes Waves
  • One of the Central Park Five Continues to Speak Out
  • Young Black Americans in the 2013 Spotlight
  • A Suit That Ignited the Shop-and-Frisk Controversy
  • A Witness in the Zimmerman Trial Who Stood Up for Trayvon

Victim of Stop and Frisk Became a Star Witness

Nicholas Peart, a 25-year-old African-American man who had been stopped by New York City police several times, was a leading witness in the stop-and-frisk trial in 2013. Peart began caring for his three siblings after their mother died of cancer two years ago. He said that being stopped by the police was a humiliation that made him feel “degraded” and “criminalized” for doing nothing other than being in the neighborhood where he lives. (Photo: Courtesy of Nicholas K. Peart via Facebook)

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