Inside the Fake Friend Industry: The Business of Buying Likes on Social Media

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  • Buying Friends Cool or Nah?
  • What Are All the Clicks About?
  • What Is a Click Farm?
  • The Cost to Buy “Fake” Friends
  • Everyone Needs Friends. Even the State Department.
  • How to Detect if Someone Is Buying Fake Followers
  • Is This a Viable Business?
  • Duping Social Media
  • The Buying Backlash
  • How You Like Me Now?
  • The Solution

Buying Friends Cool or Nah?

Since Facebook launched 10 years ago and other social media platforms emerged like Twitter and Instagram, the demand for friends and followers has gone up. Celebrities, businesses and even the U.S. State Department have purchased bogus Facebook likes via “click farms” who employee people to like and follow social media accounts. Want to know how your friend has 20K friends? Read more to go inside the click farm industry.  Dominique Zonyéé (@DominiqueZonyee)

(Photo: Alejandro Rivera/Getty Images)

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