What's Happening in the Jordan Davis Case

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  • Jordan’s Father Testifies
  • Prosecutor Calls Dunn’s Actions Premeditated
  • Jordan's Clothes Displayed
  • 9 Bullets Hit SUV
  • Jordan’s Friend Says Dunn Was Upset About Loud Music
  • Officers Say Jordan Died Almost Immediately
  • Witness Said He Saw Dunn Pull Out His Weapon
  • Opening Statements: Dunn Fired Gun in Self-Defense, Attorney Says
  • Opening Statements: Prosecutor Says Jordan Did Not Threaten Dunn
  • Jury Selected for Michael Dunn Trial
  • What’s Happening in Jordan Davis’s Case?
  • Michael Dunn Convicted on Three Charges
  • Verdict Watch: Jury Deliberations Resume
  • Closing Arguments Begin Today
  • Michael Dunn Takes Witness Stand
  • 021214 national michael dunn trial fiance testifies
  • Prosecutors Rest Their Case

Jordan's Clothes Displayed

On Monday, Feb. 10, a crime lab analyst explained how Dunn's 9 mm gun works. Davis's clothes were also shown to the jury. A medical examiner pointed out where three bullets entered him. (Photo:The Florida Times-Union, Bob Mack/AP Photo)

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